1.     What is AZ Parts platform?

a.     An electronic platform owned by Shamel Al Markabat, and the first online marketplace in KSA through which the user is linked to used spare parts shops and Tashlyh directly without any human intervention.


2.     What is used spare parts price index?

a.     It is the data of historical price quotations for the parts in each individual vehicle. The indicator shows the lowest highest as well as the average price of the spare part based on mathematical equations, and the market index data is updated in real time.


3.     What is used spare parts exchange?

a.     It is a database of historical prices of auto parts, through which it is possible to search retroactively for historical prices of spare parts.


4.     What is Normal Order?

a.     A method to search for the used spare part after determining your car’s data (brand - model - year of manufacture), your city and the type of request. The results will appear immediately for shops that match your request with the details (shop photo - store location on Google Map - Mobile number - an icon for communication on WhatsApp), in order to communicate with them, whether by phone or WhatsApp, to ask them about all the parts that you want to buy and negotiate with them to get the best price. In addition, you can request the delivery of the spare part.


5.     What is a Premium Request?

a.     Another method to search for the used spare part after determining your car’s data (brand - model - year of manufacture), your city and the type of request, after which you have to fill in the details of the required spare part, and a request will be sent electronically to the repair shops that have the spare part. Different price offers will be sent to you electronically by providing the following information (a picture of the store - the stores location on Google Map - a mobile number - an icon to communicate on WhatsApp), but a pre-subscription must be available in order to process through the subscription packages.


6.     What is a Car Yard?

a.     A yard where the salvage or damaged cars are displayed by the car owners to sell to Tashlyh shops with the possibility of communicating with their owners via phone or WhatsApp communication.


7.     What is the antique car yard?

a.     A yard where antique cars are displayed with the option to bid on them.


8.     How do I order on AZ Parts site?

a.     From the homepage, (brand - model - year of manufacture) is selected followed by (country - region - city) and then the type of request (premium or normal) which will generate the results immediately.


9.     What are the subscription packages?

a.     Packages are designed by AZ Parts to meet your requirements, and the packages are divided into two parts (normal order and premium order) with the provision of 4 different packages for each type with the provision of a discount factor in case the package is larger.


10.  Does AZ Parts sell used spare parts?

a.     Of course not, AZ Parts is an intermediary between the user and workshops or the stores that sell used spare parts, as in regard to the quotations, they are presented directly from the sellers, and there is no human intervention through the AZ Parts platform.


11.  Why are some spare parts expensive?

a.     The prices of used spare parts vary from one shop to another, as some spare parts may be expensive due to the quality and cleanliness of the part, such as the lower odometer and original manufacture year of the car. Through AZ Parts, we offer a feature that the spare parts sellers compete each other and can offer the best price for the user. In addition, an indicator is presented to display the price of the spare part before ordering in case that part was previously ordered from the AZ Parts platform.


12.  Does AZ Parts guarantee the parts for me?

a.     AZ Parts platform is an intermediary between the user and service provider. The direct guarantor is the subject of repair according to the data provided in the quotation attached to the request.


13.  What are the shipping methods?

a.     Representatives for shipping individuals and companies are provided, and the delivery prices will be displayed according to the city in which the user is located, and he can review the delivery prices and choose the most appropriate offer.


14.  How long is the shipping time? What are the areas that are shipped to?

a.     The delivery time is determined based on the distance, currently the Eastern Region and Riyadh are covered.