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AZ Parts platform was initiated in 2016. It is owned by Shamel Al-Markabat Est. for Information Technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The making of AZ Parts platform took nearly three years and its development is still ongoing. AZ Parts platform is an online marketplace for used auto parts of various types, sizes and uses.

AZ Parts utilizes artificial intelligence technologies to facilitate immediate search services for auto parts directly from used auto parts market, where the vehicle owner is linked to the market without human intervention. The platform provides an indicator that shows the highest, lowest, and average prices of auto parts for each country separately. AZ Parts platform provides different types of memberships, including individual membership of vehicle owners, membership of Tashlyh shops, maintenance workshops, companies that have fleets of vehicles and other types of memberships for service providers that will be consecutively added to AZ Parts platform. 

In order to facilitate communication between various parties, AZ Parts platform has prepared the procedures and terms of use of the platform to ensure protection of everyone's rights. So, please follow the platform regularly for the latest updates. All members and users of AZ Parts agree that once any of them uses AZ Parts platform or its applications, he has fully and automatically agreed to all terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement, and this approval will be effective from the date of his first use of this platform. Any amendment to the terms of use also applies as of the date of that amendment.

If you want to subscribe to AZ Parts service, you must log in to the platform and download its applications, and then you will enter your city and the neighborhood where you live, as well as your personal phone number to ensure that our services reach you. This is considered as your approval to provide us with your information. Your registration or access to any services after accepting registration on AZ Parts platform is considered an agreement to abide by the user agreement and privacy terms.


Platform: It is the “AZ Parts” portal for used auto parts. Its domain address is www.az.parts

AZ Parts: It is the electronic platform owned by Shamel Al-Marakabat establishment, and it is the first e-market in the Kingdom which links the user to Tashlyh shops and used auto parts directly without any human intervention.

User: Every member, customer, or visitor of “AZ Parts” platform, whether he has a customer account on the platform or not, and this includes without limitation the owners of vehicles, auto parts shops, maintenance workshops, and everyone who falls under the aforementioned categories.

Customer: Every person who has an account on “AZ Parts” platform.

Store or Tashlyh Shop: Any shop that engages in buying and selling auto parts from among members and customers of AZ Parts platform.

The Role of the Platform: To perform automatic compatibility between requests and offers of auto parts, as well as damaged or antique vehicles in the used car market. To this end, AZ Parts platform has provided a package of unconventional services and solutions based on artificial intelligence techniques through which requests are received, processed and directed to the corresponding offers, automatically, without human intervention, while providing real-time indicators and prices that illustrate the market’s activity and parts prices, and providing records history that can be referred to and benefited from in the future, with the aim of contributing to and raising the efficiency, transparency, and quality of information of the auto parts market.

Used Auto Parts: Used auto parts that are usable in other vehicles.

Damaged Cars: Cars that are partially damaged either due to an accident or due to the outdating of the vehicle.

Antique Cars Market: An online auction which links the owners of antique type of cars to their interested parties around the world.

Requests: Requests for used auto parts, or requests to purchase damaged or antique cars.

Offers: Real-time market offers that meet the market’s requests.

Buyer: Any member, user, or customer who places a request to purchase spare parts or a vehicle on “AZ Parts” market platform.

Seller: Any member, user, or customer who places an offer that meets a request for auto parts or vehicles on “AZ Parts” market platform.

Market Index: Dated-price quotations for auto parts for each car. The index shows the lowest and highest prices, as well as the average price of the part based on mathematical equations. The market index data are updated up to the minute.

Auto Parts Exchange: It is the dated-prices database for auto spare parts. It is possible to search retrospectively for past prices of parts.

Logistics Services: Additional services provided by a third-party cooperating with the platform such as freight and delivery companies.

Express Service: A service provided by the platform to its customers who want to buy or offer auto parts urgently for additional fees, by means of an immediate representative of the platform present at Tashlyh market.

Languages: Arabic, English, and Hindi.


1. “AZ Parts” platform aims to facilitate and simplify the services of buying, selling, and delivering used and new auto parts, as well as damaged and antique cars.

2. “AZ Parts” platform does not perform the buying and selling services, either for auto parts or damaged cars, but rather is an online marketplace that connects purchase orders with offers of sale and other related logistic services. Accordingly, “AZ Parts” platform does not interfere in any way with the preparation of requests or offers for sale, nor does it interfere in the production or manufacture of auto parts.

3. “AZ Parts” platform does not guarantee or endorse the authenticity of any information, offer or request that is circulated through the platform, nor does it guarantee or endorse the fulfillment or commitment of Tashlyh or auto parts shops, nor does it guarantee or endorse that the used parts are free from defects. The responsibility of all the aforementioned is the responsibility of the customer, the owner of the vehicle, where the responsibility of AZ Parts platform services ends at connecting both parties. The responsibilities of agreeing on the part's specifications, validity, price, delivery and mounting remain subject to negotiation and agreement between the two parties without “AZ Parts” intervention, responsibility, commitment, or guarantee.

4. AZ Parts does not pledge, confirm, or endorse the approval of the parts provided by shops, and has no idea of ​​their quality or condition. The store or marketplace is responsible for complying with the laws and standards in force in the Kingdom, so the buyer must examine and verify the information provided by Tashlyh shops, stores or markets from which they buy to ensure the quality of the parts, the reliability of the store or market, the extent of their compliance with the laws and standards in force, and their conformity with the system .

5. The buyer alone, and not others, is responsible for making sure that his delivery addresses are correct. AZ Parts does not assume any responsibility for any wrong addresses for either party (seller and buyer).


“AZ Parts” platform is available for individual as well as commercial use, whether by companies, maintenance workshops, and the like. Each user of the platform is subject to the terms and conditions of use mentioned below:

1. The user acknowledges that he is over the age of eighteen (18). In the event that he is less than (18) years old, he is responsible for obtaining permission from his guardian. The guardian will then be directly supervising and responsible for the minor's use of AZ Parts platform and its applications. The guardian must also acknowledge reviewing this agreement and agreeing to it.

2. This agreement may be terminated if the user does not have the legal capacity required for contracting, and this agreement may also be terminated - at the discretion of the platform - if the user is prohibited from using the technology channels under a decision of any regulatory or penal authority.

3. The user is bound to choose an appropriate name when registering on “AZ Parts” platform. The platform retains the right to delete any account that does not adhere to such instructions without prior notice.

4. The user is the only person responsible for managing his account data, and he may not grant the right to use his account to any other person. In the event that he does so, he shall bear all responsibility and all consequent violations, whether towards AZ Parts platform or towards others.

5. The user is solely responsible for keeping the password and login details of his own account. The user may not share the password of his account with others.

6. “AZ Parts” does not allow the same person to create more than one account.

7. The user acknowledges that all the data he enters into his account are correct and accurate.

8. The user undertakes to update his information in case any modification occurs to it.

9. “AZ Parts” platform is not liable for any damages that may be caused to the user or to those who deal with him, whether direct, indirect, or incidental damages arising from the use of the platform due to their use of the solutions and services provided by the platform, or because of their inability to use it. 

10. The member is not permitted to place unserious or ridiculous bids, and the application admin may delete the member's account after warning him.

11. It is known that all technologies, portals, websites and electronic applications, including “AZ Parts” platform, may be subject to technical malfunctions, break in operation, or other issues that is beyond control. Accordingly, “AZ Parts” is not responsible for any such failure that may occur while using its solutions or services. No clients or users of the platform are entitled to claim material or moral indemnification for any damages that may result from their use of “AZ Parts” platform, services, technologies, or related applications.

12. The role of the platform is limited to the direct linking between those searching for auto parts, damaged or antique cars to those who own those parts or cars and wish to sell them to others.

13. “AZ Parts” does not guarantee the provision of all required auto parts; rather, it displays the auto parts or cars provided by its customers.

14. The user is bound to inform the platform administration of any advertisement, request, or offer that contains inappropriate or false expressions, or that which is irrelevant to the offers and requests of auto parts or vehicles related to the platform's activity.

15. All terms and conditions of “AZ Parts” platform are subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The competent courts in the city of Khobar in Saudi Arabia shall resolve any conflict that may arise between the parties that use “AZ Parts” due to their use of it.


1. When choosing an auto part from the store or Tashlyh shop, the buyer must confirm the correctness of the order information before listing it on AZ Parts platform, and must review the correctness of the order information before confirming sending it to the market.

2. After the buyer – who requests the auto part - has filled out the auto part’s request data, he will receive an electronic notification of the successful receipt of his order, after which the request will be sent to the market.

3. The buyer has the right to cancel the order before the initiation of its process, while AZ Parts platform has also the right to cancel the request on its part for any reasons it considers logical and without giving any reasons or notice to the owner of the request.


The customer requesting the auto part gets two price quotations for the required part as follows:

1. An indicative price for the auto part: that appears before the order is sent to the market: it is an automatic service that is available before the request of the part is sent to the market and after the customer - the owner of the request - has filled out the main fields with the required auto part information. This feature provides the customer with three main indicators (the lowest, highest, as well as the average price) for that part of that brand and that model, as shown in the example attached in the image below. The data of the auto part and its prices history are imported from AZ Parts market database of previous parts which are identical to the current one and which were previously sold or priced. The prices of the parts in the market index are updated instantly upon the occurrence of any variation in the market prices. The indicative price is an indicator that helps the customer know the prices history of the parts that correspond to his request in the market before making the purchase decision.





2. The actual price of the part: that appears upon sending the request to the market: it is a service that is carried out after the customer sends his request to the market and after the stores or Tashlyh shops receive it. A response with the actual price of the part is placed and becomes executable upon the approval of the requesting customer.

3. *** A fundamental disclosure from AZ Parts platform regarding auto parts prices:

1) All prices offered by the market index or the prices listed in the auto parts exchange database are prices based on the personal assessment of the owners of those parts. AZ Parts platform has no role in verifying the fairness of such prices, approval, or endorsement of their owners.

2) The discrepancy in the prices of auto parts among some stores or Tashlyh shops may be attributed to several reasons, including, but not limited to, the life of the vehicle from which the part is extracted, as it is known that some parts in one car may fit in several other models despite the years’ difference between them, and therefore the price differential may be due to such reasons.

3) The price fluctuation may be due to lack of a controlling reference that can be referred to during pricing. So, AZ Parts platform counts on the market price index to contribute in providing the best possible standards to achieve fairness and market transparency.

4) AZ Parts platform does not interfere in setting or specifying market prices, nor does it set any minimum or maximum ceiling. Its role is limited to collecting and analyzing data and offers and archiving them historically.

5) Any price circulated on AZ Parts platform is not considered a guarantee by the platform that it is the fair price for that auto part, and the decision to accept the price or not remains the prerogative of the requesting customer.


1. Requests for auto parts are directed to the market after being analyzed by several levels of algorithms according to which the request identifies the stores and Tashlyh shops that fits it without human intervention.

2. The store or Tashlyh shop is notified of the receipt of a new order so it can deal with and respond to it.

3. The store or Tashlyh shop can see the prices that its competitors have offered for that part. The store or Tashlyh shop can adjust the price only once.

4. The price adjustment feature allows the advantage of competition among auto parts stores and Tashlyh shops, which in turn realizes market fairness, as well as offers the customer - the owner of the request - the best possible price.

5. The customer receives several prices for the required part, and he has the right to choose among them according to what he deems appropriate.